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dry ridge, dry verge, dry roofing system


Benefits Of Dry Ridge & Dry Verge Systems
When it comes to keeping your home in good condition, it is always sensible to pay attention to the roof of your property. Over a period of time, roofs that have an edge that has been completed with mortar will often start to crack and this can create gaps in your roof. Gaps anywhere in your home are not a good thing but when it comes to your roof, they are definitely not advisable. This is where we are more than happy to provide you with an affordable and effective solution to issues with gaps or cracks in your roof.
At MY LOCAL ROOFER we provide a range of dry ridge and dry verge systems and these offer a considerable range of benefits, which include:
Maintenance free
The fact that once the dry ridge or verge system has been installed you don’t need to return to it or worry about is a fantastic boon for any home owner. Having a reliable and maintenance free solution is always going to be of benefit but when it applies to your roof, you get considerable peace of mind and no inconvenience.
Can be laid and fixed in all weathers
Given that we can see all manner of weather in the United Kingdom, sometimes in the same day, it is good to find a roofing solution that can be fixed and laid in all weathers. This means you can have your dry ridge or dry verge solution installed at any time of the year, which is another major benefit of this system.
Rated to withstand toughest wind conditions the UK will ever face
The testing level that this style of solution is exposed to has seen it withstand wind pressure at a rate higher than anything the UK has ever experienced. The fact that this style of roofing solution came through the testing product unscathed will provide you with confidence that no matter the weather where you stay, your roofing will be intact and in fantastic condition.
Can be installed quickly and simply
A major benefit of installing the dry verge or dry ridge solution is that it can be installed very easily and in next to no time. At MY LOCAL ROOFER, we pay the utmost respect to your property and home. However, we know that having professionals on your property can represent an inconvenience for many people. Thanks to the easy installation of this style of roofing, we will be able to install it effectively and efficiently and be away before you know it.
Has an attractive finish
While the effective nature of these roofing solutions is very important for homeowners, there is always a need for your property to look good. Dry ridge or dry verge systems combine fashion with functionality, which means that you get the best of both worlds. Whether you want to maintain the value of your property for a potential sale or you are keen to have a home you are proud of, the aesthetic beauty of your property is conserved with this style of roofing.
Removes longer term issues linked to use or mortar

If your existing mortar is starting to crack, it is likely to get worse if left unchecked. This will cause greater problems for a homeowner so it is best to be proactive in looking after your property. Installing these systems will remove the long-term concerns of mortar being in place at the verges of your roof.
Block vermin from gaining entry
By blocking any cracks or gaps in your roof, these systems will ensure that no vermin will gain entry to your home. No one wants uninvited guests to take up residence in your property so these systems offer an ideal solution to anyone determined to keep their house vermin free.
At MY LOCAL ROOFER, we believe that dry ridge and dry verge solutions offer many benefits for homeowners and we are fully trained and qualified in the installation of these systems.

Maintenance Free Dry Roofing Systems

  • Dry Verges


    Dry Verge Systems Are Maintenance Free And Can Be Installed On All Roof Types,

  • Dry Ridge


    No More Mortar Falling From Your Roof, With Our Dry Ridge Systems, Maintenace Free

  • Dry Vally


    No More Mortar Blocking Water Flow From Your Roof, Our Dry Valley Systems Are Installed Without The Use Of Mortar

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Jessica Sturman
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thank you Mike And the team my roof was shot he came out so friendly and got on the case straight away. if you need a roofer he is the man clean tidy and professional .thanks again Mike
Faadil Esack
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Called on Saturday to say that I had a problem with a tile slipping. Someone came out the same day and sadly there was so more work to be done due to the wood underneath being rotten. The repair was done on Sunday morning to a very high standard. I couldn't speak more highly about the company. They did not try to rip you off or be dishonest in anyway. Highly recommended and a pleasure to deal with!
Edward HumphriesRoof Repairs
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Absolutely outstanding from start to finish he tells you straight no messing about and keeps to he's word thank you Mike and all the lads brilliant.
Clive S
Roof Repairs
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We were recommended to this company and have been over the moon with their work. Mike is really friendly, honest and professional and completed a great job for us at a great price. Tidy work and no hidden extras or underhanded up selling tactics. Would recommend them to anybody looking for roof or gutter repairs. 5 star 🌟 service.
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