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Slate Roof Replacement

A slate roof is a popular roofing choice for many self-builders and renovators because of its impressive service life, excellent durability and timeless appeal. However, there’s more than just aesthetics to think about when it comes to installing a slate roof.

One of the first things to check before laying a slate roof is the origin of your slates. Plus, with such varied quality levels available, how do you know whether the slate product is up to the task? Installation and maintenance are also crucial. So whether you’re choosing a slate roof for your self build, extension or renovation project, here’s what you need to know.

Why Choose a Slate Roof?

Roof slates come in an array of textures, thicknesses and colours, some of which are inherently linked with certain geographical regions of the country.

Welsh slate is known for its bluer tones, while Westmoreland is celebrated for its green-grey hue.

Natural slate can be cut into any shape for installation on your slate roof, although rectangular units are the traditional option in the UK.

Imported slates offer a cheaper alternative for your slate roof, although units sourced from overseas have been subject to some bad press over recent years. However, providing you check your slates meet the required quality standards, can be a smart purchase.

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